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At Aryabhatta International School we believe in encouraging the notion of learning by doing. Hence, We have state of the art, well equipped and well stocked science labs.
The Physics Lab has the rquired scientific apparatus as prescribed by CBSE for flawless understanding of students and it is ensured that each child operates the apparatus for their respective practicals.
The Chemistry Lab has been well stocked with chemicals and students are given prior instruction and explained the standard operating procedure to avoid any accidents. so for children hve performed all the practicals as per the CBSE curriculum without any untoward incident.
The Biology Lab has been stocked with ample charts and illustrations as per the new directions by CBSE. Since the specimens are no longer used to impart knowledge, it is ensured that the conceptual alarity is not compromised and that students understand every minute detail of all the topics to be covered as apart of their syllabus.