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Our library called the ‘information center’ is a vast repository of knowledge with extensive knowledge resources. The Information Center is a strategic place of knowledge or research where students can go for a project work, individual study and group research.

The school maintains a spacious, well stocked library containing books and journals on diverse subjects to supplement lessons taught and provide reference material for assignment and projects. . The attractive and up to date stock caters to wide range of reading levels and tastes.The students use their school ID card to issue books and other resources.

This entirely place is reticent for the students where they can learn and concentrate some time on their reading habits. Library has diverse range of educational magazines, periodicals, dailies etc.

No. of Periodicals 07
No. of Dailies 08
No. of reference / subjective books 1735
No. of Magazines 08
No of Teacher’s manuals/referals 32